Welcome to Avalon Farm . . . the place for renewal and rebirth of spirit ! !

This is a family-owned farm located in the beautiful
Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, where we have
gorgeous views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

After living for 20 years in the Los Angeles,
California area, I was ready to lead a less hectic lifestyle.
I returned to my family farm in 2001. From growing up here,
I had learned respect for the Earth, nature, and animals we
raised. I now try to live "gently" on the land, using organic
methods, and growing most of my own food. I enjoy working
outside in the sunshine, as opposed to working a 9-5 job
inside a building. I've learned its a lot of hard work, but
worth it!!
Nature and Mother Earth is very healing to the Soul.

I appreciate this opportunity to serve you by providing
naturally -grown plants and herbs you can use to make
your life more beautiful.